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School Rules

In the classroom

  • Listen attentively and do not interrupt when the teacher or another pupil is speaking
  • Complete home learning on time
  • Enter and leave calmly and quietly
  • Ask if you need to leave the room
  • Tuck chairs in and leave the classroom tidy

In the lunch hall

  • Put your hand up to ask something or to be dismissed from the hall
  • Talk quietly and only to the people close to you
  • Use the bins provided
  • Use good table manners

In the playground

  • Play together without play fighting – use only kind hands, kind feet and kind words
  • Be safe when using the games equipment
  • Play team games fairly
  • Ask an adult if you want to go in for any reason
  • Don’t retaliate – get an adult to help if you need it
  • Stand still and be silent when the bell rings

Shared areas - corridors etc.

  • Always walk quietly
  • Ensure your uniform looks smart
  • Put things away and leave all areas tidy
  • Keep the displays attractive and cared for

Collective Worship and Assembly

  • Walk in and out silently
  • Collective Worship/Assembly is a time to listen, think and reflect – avoid distractions
  • Put up your hand if you wish to speak

Wet Play Times

  • Use only the games provided and leave games as you found them
  • Find a space to sit at a table or on the carpet - no running around in the classroom
  • Ask an adult or playtime supervisor if you wish to leave the room
  • Tidy up when asked