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To explore simple sentences.


Etna Class



Hello Year 3!

Below is a table full of fun activities for you to do each day if you are not able to be in school. Please click on the links to see them. 

Make sure you read with someone at home everyday! You can read the books from school, books at home or even newspapers and magazines.

Now that you have your library books be sure to hunt at home for any that you have accidently kept from Year 2( when we went into lockdown in March)  It has a barcode that we scan at the back of the book.

Our History focus this week is understanding the similarities and differences between Iron Age and Stone Age. We will link this to understanding the topic Teeth in Science. 

In Maths we will explore the links between division and multiplication using the 3, 4, and 8 times tables.


See you soon!

Mrs Holdcroft. 

Etna Timetable.

Day of week 


Reading / English.





Reading for Pleasure Lesson 1

Read for 15 minutes each day. make a list of words you need to clarify.




Activity 1.

Class Reading.  




Revising the 3 times table Joe Wicks PE exploring-4-beats-in-a-bar-


 Reading for Pleasure Lesson 2


Read for 15 minutes each day.

Class Reading.

Ug! Boy Genius of the Stone Age.


Revising the 4 times table 5 Minute Move Stone Age


Reading for Pleasure Lesson 3

Read for 15 minutes each day.

Class reading. 

_Using Arrays to represent the 3 and 4 times tables._

Joe Wicks PE Echo line art


Instructions for making a pizza Read for 15 minutes each day. Predict what will happen next. 

Understanding that multiplication can be done in any order.


Dance Break! French greeting song


Suffixes Lesson 2 Read for 15 minutes each day. Talk about a character.  

_Using bar model to represent multiplication._

Yoga stone age art