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Eiger Class

Hello Eiger Ninjas!

Below is a table full of fun activities for you to do each day if you are not able to be in school. Please click on the links to see them. 

Make sure you read with someone at home everyday! You can read the books from school, books at home or even newspapers and magazines.

You can practise counting and making groups by using pasta shells, sweeties or beans if you don't have blocks! You can write number sentences to match your representations.

Don't forget to practise your handwriting on a piece of paper. Remember to make sure you are sitting straight and holding your pencil correctly.

I can't wait to see you and hear about all the fabulous learning you've been doing!

 From Miss Tanner

Year 2 Weekly Timetable:

Reading Literacy Maths Topic

Read for 15 minutes everyday!


Use the questions below to help you talk about what you have read. 

Listen to a story Bonds to 100 (tens)

What is adaptation?


Label an animal showing how their features are adapted to their habitat.

Tuesday Tell a story from memory Add and subtract 1s

What is classification?

Choose 10 animals and sort them into vertebrates and invertebrates.

Explore the middle of a story Ten more ten less

What is a verterbrate?


Test your knowledge with the quiz!

Thursday Vary sentence length for effect Add and subtract 10s

What is an invertebrate?


Test your knowledge with the quiz!


Friday Make predictions Add by making 10 Choose your favourite animal and make a fact file. Use technology to help you research more facts.